Been listening to alot of this dude recently.

Fan Jam


Video Premiere: “Open Room: Tomo Nakayama Town Hall Artist Residency”

I’m very excited and happy to present this documentary short film made by the insanely talented E Ryan McMackin. Many thanks to everyone at Town Hall Seattle and Capitol Cider for this experience!

Demo of Hangman Circa 2006.  My chef friend Masa owns a restaurant in Santa Clara called Gochi.  Being the kind soul that he is, he let me record in his space when he was closed.  We set up drums in a room, and right after the first few hits there was a loud banging on the wall.  Turns out, someone was trying to get a massage in the space next door.  Not knowing any better, I suggested that relocate the drums to the bathroom, but the reflections from all the tiles in close quarters created a lot of problems (i.e. it sounded like sh*t) We ended up getting a great performance from Tim the drummer, but it didn’t sound right until my friend Kurt processed the tracks through some gear modified to Abbey Road specs.  I wrote this with the Beatles in mind, so in the end it all worked out.  The file was called GM, which stands for George Martin - the Beatles’ producer.  

"Compression removes up to 90% of the original sound…"